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Currents 716

In 2020, Alleyway commissioned some amazing WNY writers to create a series of short monologues all about Buffalo here and now. Then, together with Full Circle Studios, we filmed on location across the region.

CURRENTS: 716 is made up of many stories woven into one night of theatre. With your ticket purchase, you will see them all ... a snapshot of Buffalo, summer 2020.

The Box
by Lisa Vitrano
choreographed by and featuring LauRen Alaimo

Outside Agitators
by Jeff Z. Klein
featuring Todd Benzin

Close Up
by Rosa Fernandez
featuring Rachel Henderson
with Steve Jakiel

What She Remembers on a Walk
by Gary Earl Ross
featuring Mary Craig
with Ember Tate

Across the River
by Bella Poynton
featuring Melinda Capeles

Signs of the Divine
by Luane Davis Haggerty
choreographed by and featuring Antonietta Alfano
with Anna Krempholtz and Rev. Matt Lincoln

Black Nikes
by Ed Taylor
featuring Johnny Rowe

What Moves at the Bottom
by Maria Brandt
featuring Sue McCormack ‍

On the Wings of Love
by Winifred Storms
featuring Alexandria Watts ‍

Monologue #6
by Mark Humphrey
featuring Greg Howze ‍

Waste to Wealth on the Waterways of Western New York ... Or,“Padon tells Parsifal How to Save the Planet” ‍by Fred Harold Jensen
featuring Rolando Gomez and David Marciniak ‍

Almost April
by Jennifer Tromble
featuring Pamela Rose Mangus ‍

created and performed by Naila Ansari and Marquis “Ten Thousand” Burton ‍

The Same New Story
by Donna Hoke
featuring Peter Palmisano

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